Military Sexual Trauma

Sexual assault or repeated threatening harassment that occurs while in service is compensable meaning you can be paid benefits if these actions took place while in the military.

 Both women and men can experience military sexual trauma.  You may have been promised a promotion or been a victim of an attack.  These are just two examples.  The action or event may have affected you physically or mentally.  You must file a claim to seek compensation.  You can obtain treatment at the VA.

Military sexual trauma is defined as psychological trauma resulting from a physical assault of a sexual nature, battery of a sexual nature or sexual harassment which occurred while on active duty or training.  Sexual harassment is repeated unsolicited verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature that is threatening in character.

Post traumatic stress disorder is the most common mental health diagnosis related to experiencing MST.  Since military service records may lack corroborating evidence that a stressful event occurred, VA regulations allow the use of nonmilitary sources to corroborate the veterans’ account of MST.

If your claim was previously denied it may be subject to reopening.  Marker evidence such as police reports or statements from counselors can be used to support the claim.  The battle for benefits continues.  Contact the Kugal Disability Law Group at 516-236-3938 to pursue your claim.