Americans With Disabilities Act turns 25 years old

The Americans With Disabilities Act, enacted in 1990 turns 25 years old.  NYC celebrated with a Disability Pride Parade.  Former Senator Tom Harkin was the grand marshall.   With passage of the Act, discrimination based on disability is to be prohibited.  Reasonable accommodations must be provided to employees with disabilities which can be physical or mental.  Easily understood is the use of a wheelchair but what about other conditions? Bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis are just a short list of examples of covered conditions.

Described recently by Rosemarie Garland-Thomas, professor of English and bio-ethics at Emory University, disability is not a problem to fix, but a part of the human experience. The debate rages on about the effect the legislation has had on employment rates.  Hopefully a more inclusive labor market has emerged drawing in those with disabilities who want to and are able to work.  Should you find your condition is keeping you from working and vocational rehabilitation is not a possibility, you should consider filing a social security disability claim.